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We Love Happy Clients

“In the television business we are always on tight deadlines. Having a professional voice over talent that can keep up with the demanding pace is crucial. That’s why I rely on Jon and Audio Vectors for my time sensitive and critical work. Not only are they reliable and professional, but our clients love the voice that is given to make their advertising come alive and grab attention. We can get voice talent from a lot of places, but Jon and Audio Vectors are our number one choice every time.

~Rick Owens, Creative Director, KPEJ |TV FOX24 | KPEJ TV

“After working in television and with many voice over professionals for over 25+ years, I would rank Jon Goffena as one of the most professional and conscientious in the business. Turning a project around fast is good in this business, but it is only as good as the time and care taken to bring the copy to life. Jon delivers in all areas from bringing life to the copy and providing a variety of takes for editing selection to ensuring that the read he provided was on the mark, and not to mention always prompt turning around a project. And when I’ve been in a bind and had an emergency, Jon was always able to provide what I needed fast to help us serve our clients needs. If you’re looking for dependability, diversity and a person that really is part of your extended team, Jon is the person.”

~Sondra Hawkins, Director of Client Service Production 
CBS 11 & TXA 21 | Fort Worth, TX  | CBS 11 Dallas

 “Jon is my go-to guy for a quick turnaround on voice-overs. He is flexible and extremely friendly, which is essential for me. (Personally, I don’t care how good you are. If you aren’t friendly and personable, I won’t use you.) His voice is perfect for most everything and works with me when I have to squeeze something out of nothing when it comes to my budget! I sincerely appreciate him and his work ethic and don’t know what I would do without him!”

Allana Wilson | Creative

“Jon is the consummate professional. I have always been able to count on his willingness to provide a variety of voice options and intonations for any read.    He has always worked with me, and any client’s special requests, to get the perfect read and meet a project budget.    I appreciate his talent, professionalism and personality. It is always a pleasure to work with him!”

~Kerrie Briggs, Sales Production Manager |  NBC 7 San Diego

“Jon is one of my go-to voice guys. Not only do I like the range of voice over possibilities that he is able to produce, he does so in a timely manner. If I need a voice over quickly (and I frequently do), I don’t hesitate to call on him. He almost always checks in with me to make sure he is using the proper delivery, voice inflection, or pronunciation of client names or cities. I’ve utilized Jon’s talents for over two years now, and never once did I have to go back to him and say ‘Wasn’t quite diggin’ that read.”

~Jeff Bayer, Creative Services Manager | WKRN Nashville

“For the past couple years, I have been depending on Jon and Audio Vectors to deliver quality voice-overs for TV commercials. We produce several TV commercials every month. Having a good announcer is essential in delivering a quality product that will bring the advertiser their desired ROI. Therefore, I work only with professionals who can be counted on. Jon always responds promptly to requests for voice over work and can be trusted to complete the project professionally and in a timely manner. It is a joy to work with professionals like Jon Goffena and I will continue to do so.”

~Scott Bunkelmann, Executive Producer for Production
WPBF TV | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Jon Goffena has done several Voice Overs for our TV commercials and what stands out is, not only his talent as a VO artist, but his wonderful disposition. He is always willing to make changes and invest extra time to make our clients happy. His turn-around-time is also excellent. Whether there is a deadline or not, he has never taken more than 24 hours to respond to any of our requests and most of the time we have it back within a couple of hours. We would highly recommend Jon Goffena any time you need a real professional for the job!”

~Debra SosaCVF Productions

“Jon and I have been working together for at least a year and a half producing commercial spots. He is very    accommodating and helpful. Not only does he track the spot, but he will offer guidance and suggestions on the direction and suggest copy changes to help the flow of the spot, always delivering the best possible product for our specific need. One of the many benefits is the quick turnaround. More often than not, I can get the track returned ready for “drop in” within a day.

Audio Vectors is one of the best and I feel a true friendship with Jon. I would recommend him for all of your audio needs.”

~Eric E. Schmidt, News Graphics Manager
CBS13 | CW31 | Sacramento, CA  &  KOVR/KMAX Saramento

“WFMJ TV 21 works with numerous audio talent all over the country. In my experience, I have found Jon to be one of the best voices to work with. He offers a distinctive, clear, deep sound our clients ask for. He is very flexible on delivery times, re-do’s, and he accommodates audio budgets in our market. He is on time, every time and goes out of his way to meet a deadline for us! He is an overall great guy! I would highly recommend Jon for any VO project!”

~Diane Houy, Copywriter/Commercial Traffic
    WFMJ TV | WBCB TV |WFMJ Youngstown

“It is my pleasure to recommend Jon Goffena as an excellent source for audio productions. I have worked closely with him for over 20 years as the owner of an advertising agency. We have used Jon on many projects over the years. I have come to know him as a very talented individual , he is always full of new ideas, interesting suggestions and innovative approaches.

If I had to describe John Goffena in just one word, it would be creative and he is the absolute embodiment of what this word means.

Please, have no hesitation should you need to contact me with regard to this recommendation.”

~ Rick Doran | R&A Marketing  |  1-888-225-0776 Ext 102

” As an AD Agency in a Regional Market, sometimes things can get chaotic and clients can be impatient and demanding. Jon, you and your company, Audio Vectors always go above and beyond to insure our clients are satisfied. Your fast turn around and efficient edits or revisions make working with you easy. Projects are always on time and exactly what our clients ordered. Thank you for your excellent voice-work and the way you take care of our clients. We’ll keep the work coming. Thanks for helping The AD Associates Grow!.”

~ JC Milich | The AD Associates

“I have worked with Jon Goffena for 4 years and he is a true professional in the voice over industry. No matter how far outside the box a script submission is, Jon will offer the best quality with the quickest return possible. He offers you multiple styles for each submission and if a change is needed, he is more than willing to accommodate those requests. His voice is authoritative and distinguished which has gone over very well with my clients. Using Jon as your voice over talent will definitely set your product apart from others.”

~Rance Adams, Co-Host | WCCB’s EDGE, Charlotte NC