Production Times September 2014

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In the September issue of Production Times, I write about being “consumer centric”, I share some great production and I ask you- “Do you Remembah?”


Things are not always easy…

Anything worthwhile takes time and effort, right?  There is an old saying along those lines but the exact quote escapes me.  The point is, if it was easy- anyone could do it and the compensation would be commensurately reduced.  So, when honing your skills in whatever field you’ve chosen, remember that it is the effort you bring to the task that will separate you from the competition. Effort does not always equal more hard work or imposing amounts of time investment.  Sometimes smarter work can trump effort.  Use all the tools in your arsenal to effectively push yourself and raise your game above the rest.

Production Times, August 2014

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Our August Newsletter is out and this month I talk about my new website. As always, I’ve featured a couple of killer videos as well as the marketing genius behind the ALS Bucket Challenge!  Click Here to read the entire Newsletter.

Production Times May 2014…

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May is for Memorial Day and the May issue of Production Times is dedicated to all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  I also interview Steve Johnson, aka Steve the Video Guy, independent producer out of Odessa, TX.  There are a couple of neat vids and the featured article deals with May and all its clever twists and turns.  You may be surprised at the info therein.

Production Times April 2014…

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April’s issue of Production Times is loaded with great stuff; from an interview with Robert Izquierdo, commercial production manager at KFOX, El Paso TX to a couple of videos dedicated to my love affair with car dealers and  finally a trip down memory lane that many of you will be able to identify with.  Enjoy the ride!

Production Times March 2014…

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In the March issue of Production times I share an interview with Jeff Bayer, creative services producer at WKRN Nashville. There are also a couple of videos for you to check out as well as a bit of background on one of the Mardi Gras parades that I did a voice over for and my featured article is about how “non traditional” revenue streams are cutting into the pie that was once the sole province of major media. Jam packed issue, for sure!

Production Times February 2014…


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Hey sweetheart! In this issue of Production Times I interview Allana Wilson: Creative Services Director at WGXA Fox 24/ ABC 16 Macon Ga.  Of course, I also share a couple of great pieces of production and my feature article is about the three “holidays” in the month of February.. You will be entertained and amazed. Read on!

Welcome 2014! I hope you had a safe and happy holiday season…

baby new year

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2014 is here !  In this issue of the Production Times newsletter I interview Fred Fechter- producer, director and editor at KENS5 San Antonio. I also share a couple of cool pieces of production that I got to be involved with and my feature article is about New Years resolutions and top trends for the upcoming year. Have at it!


Production Times… December 2013

santa and coke

In the December 2013 issue I feature an interview with Gregg Hall, production manager at WSMH in Flint, MI.  I also share a couple of killer clips and my feature article is about the history of the relationship between Santa Claus and Coke.  Enjoy!


Production Times… November 2013


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In the November issue, I cover the calendar of events in the production world, I share a couple of great spots and I discuss retails greatest day- Black Friday.